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Background and useful information

Notation and terminology used in tourism

De Luxe
Superior rooms
RO (room only)
without specifying the location
Bathroom larger than standard
Superior Room and category (suite)
Junior suite
Superior Room (junior suite)
Duplex Room
Room with two rooms and a kitchen
one bedroom apartments
two bedroom apartment
Balcony Room
Room with balcony
bungalow (detached house)
variety of bungalows on the beach or by the pool, standing separate from the main building
Family room
family room, more standard
studio apartment with a small kitchen or a combined one-room, more standard
Honeymoon room
room for the newlyweds
HV (Holiday Village)
Hotel is a complex of bungalows
New Building
new building
MB (main building)
main building
standard room (room)
Suite Executive
Room with two bedrooms
Suite Mini
superior rooms
Suite Senior
superior room, usually two-: living room and bedroom
Superior Chalet
Chalet high comfort
Superior / Main Building
large rooms in the main building
Connected rooms
Connecting rooms with a door between them
Sitting area
sitting area, part numbers, where there are chairs, coffee table
SGL (single)
single occupancy
DBL (double)
double occupancy
TRPL (triple)
triple occupancy
double room with two single beds
EXB (extra bed)
additional bed
Quadruple Room
Tripl + 1CHD (2-6)
Triple + child (2-6 years)
3ad + 1CHD (2-12)
Triple + child (2-12 years old)
3ad + 2ch (2-6)
triple-bed + two children (2-6let)
3ad + 2ch
(2-12) (2-6)
triple room + one child (2-12 years old), the second - (2-6 years)
3ad + 2ch (2-12)
triple-bed + two children (2-12let)
4ad + 1ch (2-5)
four-bedded room + child (2-5) years
4ad + 1ch (6-12)
four-bedded room + child (6-12) years
five-bedded room
Inf (infant)
child up to two years
small child (2-6 years)
child up to 12 years in some hotels to 14-15 years
small child + 1 adult
large child + 1 adult
small child + 2 (two) adults
big baby + 2 (two) adults
DBL + 2CHD (2-6)
Two (2) adults and two (2) children (2-6 years)
(2-6), (6-12)
Two (2) adults and two (2) children (one child 2-6 years old, the second - 6-12 years)
2ADL + 2CHD (6-12)
Two (2) adults and 2 children (6-12 years)
Types of Rooms
Beach view
view of the beach
City view
view of the city
Dune view
view of the sand dunes
Garden view
view of the garden
Land view
view of the neighborhood
Mountain view
Mountain View
Ocean view
Ocean View
Pool view
view of the pool
River view
view of the river
Sea Side view (SSV)
side sea view
Sea view
sea ​​views
Valley view
view of the valley
ROH (run of the house)
accommodation, without specifying the type of room and the view from the window
OB (only bed)
without food - only hotel accommodation
BB (bed & breakfast)
breakfast - diet, suggesting only breakfast in the hotel accommodation
HB (half board)
HB - Mode 2 meals at the hotel. Drinks for lunch and dinner paid
HB +
extended half board (every hotel their definitions)
FB (full board)
full board - Mode 3 meals at the hotel. Drinks for lunch and dinner paid
FB +
extended full board with local drinks during meals
Al (all inclusive)
all-inclusive system that includes 3 meals, local drinks included in the price
UAl (ultra all inclusive)
ultra all inclusive regime, including meals throughout the day, drinks, local and imported included in the price
max all inc
meals throughout the day, including imported drinks and extras
mini all inc
Full board with drinks impurity production not only during meals, but in unlimited amounts
ultra all inc
meals throughout the day, including imported drinks (alcoholic), additional services
Ex all inc
advanced all inc
VIP all inc
The all inc for VIPs
De Luxe All Inc
advanced all inc. Accommodation in hotel
Continental breakfest
Continental breakfast: coffee, juice, rolls, butter, jam, cheese, meat
English breakfest
A full breakfast or English: juice, scrambled eggs with ham, butter, toast, coffee or tea
American breakfest
American breakfast: cereal, meat, eggs, pastries
A-la carte
menu where each dish is described with its separate price



QR-code - matrix two-dimensional code

Is used to read various types of information (business card, product information and so on. N.) Electronic devices (eg mobile phones) for the speed and convenience of the consumers. For example, in the code that you can read encrypted all contact data from our travel agent (business card). To read this information, you need to use any device to read those codes and the information will be quickly and easily added to the address book on your phone.

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