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HAPPY TOUR Nikolaev (Mykolaiv)

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Last Minute Tours in Nikolayev. Selection of search.

Sorry, the TOUR SEARCH (Пошук туру) form is possible only in Ukrainian

1. Транспорт - KIND of TRANSPORT (bus or plane)
2. Країна - COUNTRY (Destination)
3. Регіон - REGION (Destination)
4. Готель - HOTEL
5. Харчування - MEALS at the HOTEL
6. Розміщення в номері - HOTEL ACCOMMODATION
7. Дата вильоту - DEPARTURE DATE
8. Виліт з - FLY FROM (Depart From)
9. Ночей в турі - Tour Length (NIGHTS IN HOTEL)
10. Ціна за номер - PRICE per ROOM for the entire period
11. Знайти - CLICK button Знайти for Searching

For correct selection options package tours need to set all the parameters of the search starting with the global:

1. Транспорт - The type of transport (by plane, by bus)
2. Країна - Country (choose from list)
3. Регіон - Region (what kind of terrain in the country, you can select multiple by holding down Ctrl)
4. Готель - Hotel (select categories, or you can choose some specific hotels by holding down Ctrl)
5. Харчування - The mealing of different types:
(RO - without food,
BB - Bed & Breakfast (without drinks),
HB - 2 times a day, usually breakfast and dinner (excluding drinks),
FB - 3 times a day (without drinks),
AI - All Inclusive (3 meals a day with drinks and domestic alcohol drinks),
UAI - Ultra All Inclusive - 3 meals a day with domestic alcohol drinks and imported)
6. Розміщення в номері - occupancy (number of adults and children by age)
7. Дата вильоту - The date of departure (suitable departure date, ask for a certain range of several options)
8. Виліт з - Departure from (suitable airport, ask any city for several options)
9.& Ночей в турі - Duration (nights equals days+1) ask a certain range for a number of options
10. Ціна за номер - The price per room (limit from minimum to maximum value on the total of all the tourists, without the cost of visas)
11. Знайти - SEARCH, press button "Знайти"

to recheck the cost of the tour just press the digit of total cost in the search results